About Us

About IAP Pathanamthitta

Pathanamthitta is a district in the southern part of Kerala, India known for its natural beauty, fairs and festivals.The name which means 'array of houses on the river side’ is popularly considered as the headquarters of pilgrimage tourism .The district receives annually million pilgrims during the festival season of Sabarimala and Maramon Convention. The district is close to multiple majestic tourist places.Though small,our district stands tall when it comes to health care and medical education. We have three medical colleges and multiple nursing and allied health colleges in this district. The support of all the medical colleges and multiple well established hospitals in the district, health care for children has been top notch over the years.


From our humble beginnings decades ago, our presence is being noted over the last few years. Thanks to the strong foundation laid by our members and which was continued over the years with the same values. Among the few noted legends we have Dr Roy Alexander whose fatherly figure has been guiding everyone who needed his help and Dr Suresh who usually stays away from limelight but been the backbone of this association. Then we have our national past President Dr Sukumaran, who put us on the map and Dr Remesh whose dynamic personality taken the IAP by storm.

Vision and mission

Through team work and community participation

  • Ensure that every child gets a healthy start
  • Provide extraordinary child and family-centred care
  • Ensure that every child realise their rights to physical and mental health