Down The Memory Lane

IAP Pathanamthitta

Down The Memory Lane

“Sometimes a short walk…. Down the memory lane is all it takes to appreciate where you are today- Susan Gale”

IAP Pathanamthitta was formed by a team of dynamic visionaries on 30.4.1995. The founder President Dr Roy Alexander and Secretary Dr K Soman were the torch bearers for our association at the very inception. This event was attended by Dr.T.U.Sukumaran and Dr. R. Rajaraja Varma. The dynamic duo of Dr Roy and Dr Soman continued at the helm till 2001. The year 2001 our branch witnessed its first State Sessional conference in Thiruvalla under the guidance of Dr Roy Alexander and Dr Suresh Kumar.

Dr. P.O. John become the second president of our association for next one year. He was then succeeded by Dr.Pratapachandran Nair as president and Dr. Abraham Tharakan as secretary. In the year 2002 IAP Pathanamthitta achieved the milestone of declaring Pathanamthitta as a Baby friendly district.

Then came the big bang in form of Dr.Remesh Kumar and Dr. Suresh Kumar who took over in 2003. The torch which was passed down over the years engulfed the association and the growth was phenomenal. Multiple CMEs and community participation increased over time. The role in State IAP and National level increased by leaps and bounds.

Then the mantle was passed down to the current generation. Last few years has been exceptional for the association and we can never forget the contribution and support by all the seniors. We, are just continuing what has been started and hope to justify the cause it was started.

Excerpts : Dr Roy Alexander